Spontaneous, energetic wedding full of awesome spirit, emotions, tears and laugh took place in a marvelous place of town Děčín. Czech bride and Slovak groom who live and work for Lego in Denmark decided to get married at this wonderful location close to German borders....

 Ve zkratce - dokonalost. Naprosto perfektní lokace, do detailů doladěné dekorace a o zábavu se nám během dne postarala tahle jedna "ovčí" společnost. Odpolko v duchu horkého, ale pohodového piknikování a rozloučli jsme se vypouštěním balónků s přáním "do světa" :)

Our only wedding in our photography "carrer" where we spent an awesome day just like a guests! We had so much fun, dance and laugh with amazing people!

We are so lucky to meet so many awesome and wonderful people during our wedding season 2016. Again - so many emotions and the best object at weddings - spontaneous kids!

Friday the 13th and dancing beetwen the raindrops. It was their lucky Friday - yaaaaay!